Cash Prizes
Over Rs. 5.00 Lakhs

Award amount and its Categories

        Navnirmani (Research Project Competition)

  • One Platinum Prize : - Rs. 25,000/-+  Certificate (Best of All Five Categories)
  • Two Gold Prizes : - Rs. 15,000/-    + Certificate
  • Three Silver Prizes : - Rs. 10,000/-+ Certificate
  •   Four Bronze Prizes : - Rs. 2,000/-+ Certificate    

        Anushodhan (Research Paper Competition)

  •   One Platinum Prize : - Rs. 15,000/-+  Certificate (Best in Each Category)
  • Two Gold Prizes : - Rs. 10,000/-+ Certificate
  • Three Silver Prizes : - Rs. 5,000/-+Certificate
  •   Four Bronze Prizes : - Rs. 2,000/-+ Certificate

M    Many Consolation Prizes + Certificates

* Winners will be selected from all the Categories.

Note- The first prize winning projects in each category (Platinum and Gold Prizes) will be retained in the Shodh Shikhar Museum with plaque card displaying photographs of the researchers and details of the project. However, the copyright of the project will be with the researchers and not used by Shodh Shikhar. After 1 year, team members can collect the project from museum at their own convenience.