Cash Prizes
Over Rs. 2 Lakhs
Shodh Shikhar 2022
Registrations and Papers/Projects
will be accepted till 10 March, 2022
See New Time Line

Registration Process

1.    Type the address of the website in address bar. 

2.    Click on the “Registration” button at the top right corner of the website.

3.    Select any one “Category of the Competition”.

4.    Give details in the section “Name of first author/ Head of the team to give presentation”.

5.    Give details in the section “Name and Mobile numbers of other Author/ Team members”

6.    Select any one “Theme of the Paper Presentation/ Project Competition”.

7.    Give “Details of the University/Institute”

8.    After reading instructions regarding festival and Events (Anushodhan and Navnirmani), check the box “I have read all instructions of Anushodhan and Navnirmani”.

9.    Click on “Save & Next”.

10. Go to the “Payment Page” and complete your payment by choosing any of the available modes.

11. After successful completion of Registration and Payment process, user will get a Login id and Password to login within two days after registration.

12. Login through the same Login id and Password by clicking on “Login” button at top right corner of the website. 

13. Here, user can submit Full length Research Paper/ Details of Research Project in MS Word file format before 10 March, 2022.

14. Here, user can Download Undertaking Form, filled it completely and mailed to before 10 March, 2022.

Important Points to Remember


·   In Research Project Competition (Navnirmani):- One university can submit only maximum 3 project entries and only Diploma/UG/PG students can participate in project competition. University needs to forward only 3 projects after scrutiny.

·   In Research Paper Competition (Anushodhan):- Any student, faculty member and researchers of the university can participate. One can submit any number of research papers. There is no limit for research paper competition.

·     Add maximum 50 words writeup at the end of your Research paper/ Research Project details justifying the relevance of the work with the themes of the research festival and their novelty preferably in the bullet form.


1.    Go to website: -

2.    Click on the Registration link at top right corner.

3.    Fill all the required fields correctly in the given format of registration form and payment.

4.    After registration, a Login Id and Password will be sent to the email id of the candidate.

5.    Login with login ID and Password in the for user portal.

6.    Submit your full length research paper or details of research project. 

7.    Fill the undertaking form in English Language.

8.    Download the undertaking form and send a scanned copy to via mail after filling the required fields before 10 March, 2022.

9.     Full length paper and detailed research project should be submitted as per guidelines and format given in the website.

10.  Add maximum 50 words writeup at the end of your Research paper/ Research Project details justifying the relevance of the work with the themes of the research festival and their novelty preferably in the bullet form.

11. Presentation and demonstration in English, Hindi or any other regional language is permitted. If presentation is in Hindi or regional language then it is required to prepare presentation in English language also.

12. For presentation in Hindi or regional language, participants must submit a translated copy of documents & presentation in English language.

13. Once registration fees paid, it will be refundable if your paper or project does not meet the criteria of festival, once accepted, registration fees will not be refundable in any condition.

14. Candidates should bring original documents of undertaking and downloaded registration form, along with all documents related to research paper and documents and material for research project at the time of final competition (25 and 26 March 2022).

15. In case of research paper competition, only one author will be invited for the research paper presentation in festival.

16. In case of research project competition, maximum two members of the project team may only participate in the research project presentation in festival.

17.  Certificates will be Issued to all the authors and project team members.  

Note- The first prize winning Research Projects in each category (Platinum and Gold Prizes) will be retained in the Shodh Shikhar Museum for 2 years with plaque card displaying, photographs of the researchers and details of the project. However, the copyright of the project will be with the researchers and not used by Shodh Shikhar. After 2 years, team members can collect the project from museum at their own convenience.