Cash Prizes
Over Rs. 5.00 Lakhs

How to Participate: Submit a Research Project

To participate in the competition, participants should submit a detailed report of research project related to the themes of Shodh Shikhar. All detailed report of research project should submit through

The detailed report of research project should have following sections

  • Abstract
  • Research problem and motivation for the work
  • Background and related work
  • Diagrams and Figures
  • Results and Contributions
  • Justification of Project to support Local to Global, Sustainable Development Goals and National Education Policy  (In Maximum 50 Words)
  • Mail a Video (if possible) of working model to

All submissions must be in word format and conform, at the time of submission, to the formats available in the Shodh Shikhar website. 

You must submit your detailed report of research project electronically after the registration. The review process is single-blinded.

The Shodh Shikhar committee members will review the submissions and submitted research project will have the opportunity to compete in the competition.