Cash Prizes
Over Rs. 5.00 Lakhs

Different Categories and Their Themes of Research

The basic theme of Shodh Shikhar -2023 is To Promote Local to Global, Sustainable Development Goals & the spirit of National Education PolicyThe event will be in five Categories.

·    Engineering & Technology/ IT

·    Commerce, Humanities Liberal Arts and Management

·    Science and Agriculture

·    Law and Education

·    Paramedical, Nursing, Yoga and MPH

Entries must be research based work of original nature addressed to current priorities of the national issues and governments initiatives i.e., Digitalization, Waste Management, Pollution Control, Climate Change, Green India, New Business Models, Renewable Energy, Cyber Security, Emerging Technologies, Science of Yoga, Indian Defense System, etc. The above streams may contain the following themes of research; however, any other topic is also acceptable.

·       Engineering and Technology , IT: -

·    Renewable Energy Systems

·    Industry 4.0

·    Smart Cities

·    Water Resources Management

·    Waste Management

·    Data Analytics

·    Human- Centered Computing

·    Blockchain Technology

·    Drone, Robotics

·    Electric Vehicle Technologies

·    Power Electronics and Industry Applications

·    5G Communication

·    VLSI circuits and Microelectronics

·    Embedded system

·    Environmental Engineering

·    Structural Mechanics and Industrial Infrastructure

·    Automation and Smart System

·    Modeling and Simulation

·    Cryogenics

·    Geo-Information for Disaster and Risk Management

·    Economics of Climate Change

·    Flood Management

·    Thermodynamics

·    Fluid Mechanics

·    Refrigeration & Air conditioning

·    Geo-Technical Engineering 

·     Commerce, Humanities Liberal Arts and Management

·    Sustainable Development & Social Innovation in Entrepreneurship & Business Management

·    Sustainable Development and Innovation in Finance, Accounting & Taxation

·    Trade, Industries, Economic Growth, Financial Inclusion & Governance

·    Tribal Development and Indian Knowledge System

·    Film Studies

·    Social Media and Literature

·    Spiritual Literature

·    Health Humanities

·    NEP and Library

·   Science and Agriculture

·   Multi-scale Material modeling in Physics &  chemistry

·   Engineered Materials for Devices

·   Biotechnological advancement in Healthcare &  Agriculture

·   Forensic evidences in criminology

·   Conservation of Biodiversity for sustainability

·   Organic & Natural Farming 

·   Smart Agriculture for Sustainable Development

·   Food Science and Technology

·   Hi-Tech Horticultural crops

·   Law and Education

·   Cyber Terrorism - Issues & Challenges

·   Laws & Regulation of Artificial Intelligence

·   Role of IPR in Global Economy

·   Women Empowerment - The key to achieve Social & Economic growth of the Country

·   ICT in the Department of LAW

·   Inter Generational responsibility, youth and the environment

·   Law Relating to MSME in India

·   Education for sustainable development and Global citizenship

·   Gender Equality and Sensitivity

·   Early childhood Development and universal Pre- primary Education

·   Paramedical, Nursing, Yoga and MPH

·   Emerging trends in allied health sciences

·   Role of tele health in rehabilitation.

·   Genomics in health care research

·   Interdisciplinary research approaches in allied health sciences.

·   Role of yoga in health and fitness.

·   Prevention of life style diseases through regular physical activity, good nutrition and healthy habits

·   Promoting and Managing mental health issues

·   MPH

And any other theme supporting the vision of the Event